Analog v. Digital? (part 1)

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Is analog making a comeback? Many people may think on the contrary due to the rise of digital in the past decade but in the underground realm, it seems as if   Well that is what it seems like in the underground scene, more specifically the west coast. In a short span of 3 three years hashtags like “shootfilmstaybroke”, “ishootfilm”, or “filmisnotdead” crept up into our timelines. In other words, using filmhas become a trend.  Is there anything wrong with that? No, not really. It is actually quite beneficial since most film companies are their end due to lack demand. Would it be enough to save them? Maybe, but I  doubt it because like most trends, they quickly fade just like how they started. So what’s all the fuss about film then?

Well to start, analog provides a sort of nostalgia feel to it. Film has a  “gain-look” because of the result of small chemical particles that have not received enough light. Within digital image sensors, “noise” is the result of unwanted signals created by the camera’s digital circuitry. Noise causes the pixels in an image (most evident in blacks) to shift making the image look unpleasant for most.  Also, the dynamic range in analog is far superior than digital. Even some of the top of the line professional cameras such as the Nikon 810 or Canon 5d miii are barely catching up towards 35mm film 14 stops of dynamic range.

I believe that this particular trend was evident to happen. The current scene here particularly California is to replicate the 90’s with a modern spin to it.



Digital. There’s a