Cinequest (part 2)


The first week of Cinequest is finally over and I have already learned so much. I learned how to successfully navigate through a crowded event, how to communicate with other professional photographers, and most importantly, the technicalities of shooting in a major event.  I also met so many students that are a part of the media community (directors, journalist, and of course; photographers) to the producer, actors or creative directors.

YR_CQ2016_0019 (1)

While at  the VIP lounge,  I had a drink with Lori Stoll and Justin Ford; the writer and producer of “Heaven’s Floor”. They enlighten me on the strenuous process it took to film this movie because of the extreme Canadian Artic. They experienced many drawbacks due to the weather such as their cinematic lenses and food supplies freezing! We probably conversated for maybe a solid 25 minutes and then I asked if I could take their picture and they were more than happy to, which was a positive reinforcement since this was my first “major” event.

YR_CQ2016-0263.JPGI expected the other photographers to be not as approachable. I am the only rookie in the team and I thought that they would have kept to themselves about the do’s and do not while shooting an event but that was not the case. Roger, the owner of Bay Area Fashion Week   sort of took me under his wing and taught me a proper way to acquire execellent coverage. He gathered up people so that I could take their picture, provided his exposure preferences for the red carpet (shoot at the widest aperture, ISO 400-600 and 1/125th shutter speed), and the best angles for the Q&A:

  • 3 shots closest to the stage ( both sides and the middle)
  • 1 from middle center
  • 2 from top left and right

And that is basically it. I’ll post another entry on my “Cinequest experience” mid-week and at the end of the festival. Stay tune!