Yossiel’s Top Picks (set#1)


Here are some of my favorite photographers at the moment! They have had a huge inspiration in my own on-going projects.

Oakland Newports

This artist takes photos of Newport cigarettes packets that he finds in the streets of the Oakland. I came across this dude on Tumblr, probably like 4 years ago, or even longer? I found his particular body of work interesting and appealing because  of the extraordinary amount of litter he comes across in the city of Oakland hence then name. What started from a small personal blog project lead towards a few galleries shows. Meeting  Oakland Newport eventually inspired me to start my own collective project called “Stolos” which is slang for abandon cars.

Evan Thompson

Thompson became a part of the underground photography scene with his ties with Flask Mob. Flaskmob was a quarterly gathering of artist that usually consisted of photographers (duh), models, dancers, and weird people that liked to dress up. This gathering consisted of low-key drinking (hence the name ), walking around the streets of San Francisco and socializing with other Bay Area artist. Flask Mob started with the motivation to build a stronger sense of community amongst San Francisco shutterbugs, most notably the ones glued to their mobile screens all day. But after several vandalism citations, the gatherings  eventually came to halt. Anyways, with the massive coverage that Thompson acquired from Flaskmob, he has moved on began doing small collabs with other artist.Thompsons current project has him following and documenting the infamous  graffiti artist, CCTV. CCTV is notorious for his large-scale (nearly 30-feet tall) character paintings that take up the whole wall. What separates him from the rest of the graffiti scene is that he paints in hard to reach places; in sewers, sealed off underground bunkers, old forgot buildings basically; places that require a lot of exploring. It was inevitable for these two artist to do a collab and I can not wait for them to post the pictures at a gallery.