Beauty Dish

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Shooting Fashion can seem daunting, especially when you are a student: you need a model, a set, photo gear , clothing – and maybe hair and makeup too.  But if you know that fashion is in your future, do not let the challenges stop you. Fashion photography has one major requirement that documentary shooting does not: stuff. A fashion shoot takes a lot of planning, resources and conceptualization before you even pick up your camera. A good starting point? Finding the right model. In addition to your model, you also have to find the clothing and set that will represent your personal vision. I would borrow pieces of furniture, fabrics, and clothing from my friends and family to create sets. Though the physical content of your images is important, your skill is the most vital aspect of your work. Developing your own unique voice is not only artistic pursuit but also a professional one. Packaging yourself as a brand with a given aesthetic allows future clients to pick you out more easily from the sea of competition.

Fashion photography is often collaborative, so who you work with is crucial. If you choose partners whose style you admire and relate to, you will more likely create images that align with your vision. Whether hair stylists, makeup artists, or costume designers, choose people who create work that compliment your own taste. Once you feel confident in your experience and the portfolio of work you have created, it is time to start thinking about getting hired for professional shoots. One thing that my professors and peers unanimously agree upon is the competitiveness of the career field. Many shooters are drawn to fashion photography, so you need to perfect your unique talents to stand apart from your peers. Pursuing a career as a fashion photographer takes hard work and rigorous determination.