Going 360

(c) 2016- http://tinyurl.com/z2w2cp8

The term 360 VR really gained momentum in the beginning of this year, but has been in the works for quite a long time. One of the flagship products that has launched the raise in VR was the Oculus rift. Since its press release in 2014,it has created a new market for technology giants to join in. Now 360 can be experienced nearly everywhere, especially now more than ever with Youtube. Not many people may know that you can publish your very own 360 videos on Youtube however the quality may not be optimal. But hey, it’s a new realm that is worth exploring.

If you are interested in compiling your very own 360 video than it would have to consist of 6 Go-Pros attached to a monopod, however, that seems to have changed. With the Kodaks ultra wide capabilities (235 degrees of view), you are now capable of capturing full 4k video 360 video with only 2 camcorders. The Kodak 360 camera have a 12 megapixel and are capable of shooting up to 4k in 30 fps or 1080 in 30 or 60fps when the camera is in 16:9 mode. Once you edit and stitch them together using Kodaks Pixpro software they would be Facebook and Youtube ready for all you narcissists.

360 is, unfortunately, the hottest technological trends right now and just like any other new pieces of technology it takes awhile for a certain product to its right place in the industry. This why i believe it is not something that will catch on and will soon fade away just like 3d.