My name is Yossiel Rodriguez and I am the weirdo behind this photography blog. What was that? My name? I know it is an unusual name and I do not know how my mother came up with this name. Anyways, my passion for art grew since my first finger paintings in preschool and eventually grew towards photography when  I bought my first disposable film camera in elementary school. In high school, my uncle lent me his DSLR for about a year and that is exactly when my passion for photography flourish.

I am currently a student at San Jose State University pursuing a degree in Advertising with a concentration in Photography. On my spare time, I like to explore new and old places with my camera usually abandoned places. When I shoot, I tend to capture landscapes or candid portraits. I prefer candid shots whenever I cover an event because people do not have the usual fake persona that people post on their social media and plus it is more intimate.

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